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confrontation lol

Posted on 2006.08.23 at 00:25
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Tom got to see my pics today... really awkward moment for us all day... it's still questionable... altho I don't think I was what he expected (AT ALL) either he thinks I'm total shits or I actually do look fabulous (lol)... I'm super self-concious, so him seeing me, in ways I wish it never happened (but glad it did). So for 4 hours of work.. I had this gut feeling that Tom was holding back from me (not telling me how he feels)... Well I confroted him when I got back from work & he basically told me the same thing he told me this morning... I was gorgeous... the gut feeling went away... & I'm sooo happy... I think I'm either lusting or am in love... but if these awkward moments continue some serious interventions will have to be made =(

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