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Writer's Block: Feeling Better

Posted on 2008.07.28 at 19:40
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Listening to all music by Ill Nino. They're an angry, american-spanish metal band. It's amazing and I'm usually able to relate to at least one of the songs on an album at that point of my mood.


Writer's Block: My Own Creation

Posted on 2008.02.02 at 20:52
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Current Music: Tangerine Dream- Dreamworld
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A novel. Granted so many people would use this as their personal creation. But it all depends on what's written and how they wrote it. Mine would be erotic, fantasy filled with several fetishes included. Vampirism would be a big thing. Several chapters long, unless I make it a series. Erotic vampire books.

Posted on 2006.12.24 at 22:15
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Questions in dire search of answers

Posted on 2006.12.13 at 08:09
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So I have a few comments/questions to ask, so hopefully somebody can answer them...

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Seeing as my parents can't entirely disagree into me being in this relationship, seeing as they moved in together after a month and their about 10-12 years apart. (Sean and I are only 9 years).

How many of you out there are or have gone through a similar situation? How did you deal with it? 

I know honesty is the best thing, but is it worth risking the privelege use of my cell phone for it?

Posted on 2006.11.19 at 20:12
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Current Music: I will follow you into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie


A quote! A quote!

Posted on 2006.10.25 at 21:42
Current Mood: worrieda mix, unknown.hard 2 explain
Current Music: Ring the Alarm- Beyoncé

I found the perfect quote!!

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I won't speak to loosely but I believe that I may have fallen for somebody amazing... I know I'm young and it's hard for a teen like me to say something without not believing it herself... but I'm a teen who seeks that one true person... & I think I might've found him... If I'm wrong about this, then I'll never be right... Well anyways...



confrontation lol

Posted on 2006.08.23 at 00:25
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Current Music: photograph-nickelback
Tom got to see my pics today... really awkward moment for us all day... it's still questionable... altho I don't think I was what he expected (AT ALL) either he thinks I'm total shits or I actually do look fabulous (lol)... I'm super self-concious, so him seeing me, in ways I wish it never happened (but glad it did). So for 4 hours of work.. I had this gut feeling that Tom was holding back from me (not telling me how he feels)... Well I confroted him when I got back from work & he basically told me the same thing he told me this morning... I was gorgeous... the gut feeling went away... & I'm sooo happy... I think I'm either lusting or am in love... but if these awkward moments continue some serious interventions will have to be made =(